classic pirate print now available in professional clogs

So what, exactly, is it about skulls & crossbones?

Apparently, with fashion, it's the ability to unpretentiously tease about what a badass you are. There's just something to be said about wearing a skull and crossbones emblem that allows you to be a self-proclaimed rebel of sorts. Consider the Sanita pirate print professional clog - it's definitely not all frills and bows. The pirate print is edgy and just a bit rough and tough for that swashbuckling style without going overboard!

The dominance of pirate and nautical inspired fashion keeps coming back again and again. Take for example Jean Paul Gaultier’s runway at Paris Fashion Week, where again the pirate look dominated the collection. The show featured an array of pirate couture with pinstripe fabrics and the models with wild, untamed manes, their locks appearing as though they were tousled up by an ocean breeze.

British model Lily Cole donned a pirate’s outfit for the Jean Paul Gaultier spring/summer 2008 collection.

Everyone has a little bit of that pirateer spirit in them and what's a more fun way to show it than with a pair of pirate print clogs? Clogs never go out of style & coordinate with everything. Wear them to work with a pair of scrubs for a hip-professional look or on your day off to complement your trendy-chic style. Wear the same pair of clogs and dress a look up or down depending on your choice of clothing. You're the captain mapping out your own course in fashion -it's all up to you.
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