graffiti makes its way to fashion...in clogs

If you're in one of the various avenues of the medical field & spend most of your day wearing institutional scrubs or a profession where a less than bland uniform is mandatory, you might be feeling short on style. And, if your idea of expressing yourself is not wearing patterned scrubs from head to toe, the Sanita 'Graffiti' clog is definitely the way to go. You look professional with just a hint of charachter & fun - not like you came to work for a pajama party!

Here's a little Graffiti 101;

"Graffiti is an element of every literate society. True, graffiti can express negative aspects of society such as hatred, racism, and harm to others ; however, keep in mind that graffiti also promotes ethnic unity, love, friendship, freedom from oppression, and diversity. Before forming a quick opinion the next time you see graffiti, take time to analyze the markings to reveal its value to someone other than yourself."

(Graffiti Definition: The Dictionary of Art
London:Macmillan Publishers (In Press). copyright 1996 Susan A. Phillips)

So, if you're into adding a little flair to your professional look give Sanita clogs a try.
After all, the Sanita company has been making Danish style clogs for over 100 years and they're still going strong. Keep this company in mind the next time you need a new pair of work clogs. With grafitti being the latest print, who knows what they'll come up with next? One thing I know for sure, I'm definitely going to stick around and find out!

Sanita professional clogs make perfect sense for everyone from medical and restaurant workers to school and airline staff to just about anyone who's on their feet all day. They're slip resistant, stylish and podiatrically correct at-work comfort clogs!

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